Ceres Tag is one of the world’s most comprehensive animal monitoring platforms. We are the world’s first direct to satellite animal information platform. Our proprietary smart ear tag monitors for biosecurity, health, welfare, performance and traceability provenance of the supply chain network including theft detection. Ceres Tag is also on track to be the world’s first accredited smart ear tag to international standards.

Ceres Tag requires no infrastructure, no maintenance, no subscription and no battery replacement. Ceres Tag will operate in nearly any environment. The automated, plug and play, direct to satellite, information platform with e-commerce purchasing from the website will deliver a proven and tested product ready for market.

The Big Idea

The world’s only direct to satellite ear tag, soon to be world’s only accredited smart tag.

Animal Breakout Alerts

  • Theft
  • Wandering

GPS Positioning

  • Finance/Insurance
  • Asset Register
  • Land use
  • Carbon Farming
  • Mustering

Traceability & Provenance

  • High retention
  • No battery change (solar energy)
  • Algorithm updates available
  • RFID for National traceability
  • Health / Biosecurity markers
  • Heat tolerance